I'm not really here

That's right by now I should be the other end of the UK entirely, infact if I went any further south I would have to catch another ferry :)
I haven't been watching the Olympics, but I have heard the updates on the morning radio news, and although I am not a sports fan, I just want to say well done to all the athletes taking part. The above photo was taken last summer when the torch was doing the tour, we just happened to be in Kirkwall on the day :)
Just sharing a few piccy I dug up from last summer of us out for the day visiting the standing stones of Stenness, which is around half a mile from the Ring of Brodgar. You cant move for archaeology up here !
We had picked a gorgeous day for it, although they seemed to think the wind was chilly, hmm seems me and John have acclimatised to the cold up here :)
We also went to Gerrie's ice cream parlour which I forgot to take pics of and hope to remedy soon :)
Also a few pics visiting St Magnus cathedral in Kirkwall.
It rained but we still had ice creams :)
Connor posing beside the tomb of the Arctic explorer Dr John Rae.
And Brandon beside the wall where the bones of St Magnus are encased.
A terrible photo of a beautiful building, very similar in design to Durham cathedral where I visited a lot whilst at college in Durham. More about St Magnus cathedral here.

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  1. I loved living in Scotland, but could never get used to the rain!
    Jane x



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