Beach Babes

Well we made it back safely from a whirl wind four day round trip to fetch the boys up from their dad's house in Southampton, very exhausting and still recovering form lack of sleep but glad to be back on the island.

And now we are here and enjoying good weather when we can, with trips to the beach and barbecues in the garden, and poor weather doing crafts and going to the cinema to see the new movie Brave, which BTW was fab :)
Beach trips seem to revolve around the boys throwing rocks about, John sleeping, and me wishing I wasn't the only one who prefers sandy beaches to rocky ones, followed by me twisting my angle on the way off the beach (sandy beaches are better when you are clumsy) :)


  1. I miss proper seaside beaches.
    Jane x

  2. Come and visit Graemsay - we have sand! And shells! And white coral!!



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