The Invisible Raspberry

This photo is part of our fruit harvest from last year, and this my friends is exactly one more raspberry than we have harvested this summer. Yep our total this year of raspberries is zero, not a single one :( now if we could put this down to over eager birds I could understand, perhaps even a couple of slug infested bushes maybe, but two years ago I was harvesting half a colander full every other day !! I think last years late summer gales trashed all the new growth and so we are feeling it now. Oh well good job I have plenty of this stashed away to brighten up a scone or cake :)
Tonight I am heading off on a four day round trip to fetch my two teenage boys up for the rest of the summer. Think four days of overnight ferries, long haul coaches, and travel sickness heehee, needless to say top of my packing list is travel sickness pills and several books :)

I have several craft idea lined up for when the boys are here too so will show you what we have been up to and places we go to visit too :) OK off to pack now, see you all when I get back :)


  1. We have no rasberries,no blackcurrants,no apples..we scoffed the 6 blckberries we found before any wild animals got's been a bad year for fruit.
    Jane x

  2. We have no raspberries either. Last year we had a few dozen. Not sure why.

  3. I've had some blackcurrants and raspberries this year , but the strawberry crop was abysmal, as most of them had rotted. Most of last year's crop was stolen from the allotment!



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