catch up

Well there is still no sign of Milly, I think I am half convinced she was snatched by Sea 'white tailed' Eagle that was seen hanging around the island around the time she went missing.
That and her mum poppy seemed to be channelling her, very unnerving at the time, sorted now but a valuable lesson in 'be careful what you ask for'.
Will need to get some pics uploaded with what I have been up to tomorrow, but in the meantime I leave you with my internal soundtrack for today (aka the song I cant get out of my head), a bit of Bob Dylan with All along the watchtower.
And a rare picture of Milly and Poppy within 2feet of each other.


  1. I am sooo sorry about Milly, sending you lots of hugs xxx

  2. sorry Mel, I know what its like to have a cat just disappear. Its the not knowing, isnt it?

    hugs, leanne x



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