The reincarnated Peg bag

I never did get around to finishing the spring quilt this afternoon that I am working on perhaps tomorrow, instead it's been yet more seed sowing (carrot, celery, cauliflower), and more wine racking.
Today has been the turn of the Sloe (very very slow) blackthorn, it was made nearly three years ago and has finally cleared after about 20 rackings, today there was a thick layer of around 1 1/2 inches of jelly in the bottom, nice.
It better be good after all this time. On a side note, the Sloe vodka made last autumn is fantastic, best batch yet, good job I had enough sloes for 2 bottles, mmm guess what my tipple will be tonight.
Although I haven't finished the quilt, my crafting mojo has been on the go this week, last weekend my old peg bag died on me, so I was in need of a replacement.
Behold the reincarnated Peg bag heehee. made from the finest charity shop acquired linen cloth and bias binding. Even the hanger was cut down from the original bag, a bit of the old carried into the new :)

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  1. J's just been outside sowing more seeds. It's so cold I'm amazed that anything is germinating.



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