Easter garden musings

Although there are plenty of things that I'm sure I  'should' be doing I have been taking advantage of the break in the weather to get out in the garden. The greenhouse is filling up rapidly with seedling which will be wanting beds to go into, and although the ground is still to sodden from yesterday to dig, I am planting out some mature plants in the sunshine, including two of these beautiful hellebores under the trees, and lifting and dividing the primroses under there.
 Also planting out a rambler rose in the walled garden and an early flowering clematis in the yard.
One thing that does grow well in our harsh climate is bulbs. when we bought the cottage we found the garden is full of them. Carpets of snowdrops followed by daffodils followed by bluebells.
 The daffodils are beginning to go over now, but John spotted the first bluebell flower at the weekend :)
Sometimes the size of the garden can feel a little overwhelming, but in a few years time when the bulk of the plan is put into action, we can be glad we worked as hard as we have.
Right off to check off the rest of the list... plant sugar snap peas, make peg bag, couscous salad, and clean deer skull. Who says my life is boring :)


  1. The daffodils along the pathway are beautiful...the entrance to an enchanted garden perhaps?
    Jane x

  2. Love bluebells! Are there lots? Will there be photos?? LOL

  3. it looks lovely Mel! love the path edged by daffs!

    Leanne x

  4. thankyou everyone :)

    indeed the daffs meander to the fairy copse in the corner, and yes Kadeeae there will certainly be pics when the bluebells are out, but you can also see them here: http://madame-mels.blogspot.co.uk/2010/05/blue-bells.html pics from 2years agao :)



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