Peas Sir, can I have some more ?

Another day another round of pea seeds, seems like all I do is plant pea seeds right now. Unfortunately we have a very short growing season here so most of the veg have to be started in the greenhouse, even those which you wouldn't normally such as peas and beetroot.
 The green house is becoming full to bursting and I must ask john to fit me another shelf in there at the weekend for a lot of these seedling are getting ready for pricking out into larger pots.

 The peas and beans have been grown in newspaper pots and toilet roll tubes and can be shoved straight in the ground in a few weeks, but it gets veeerrry boring making paper pots for hundreds of peas.

Finally got the last two bottles of raspberry wine syphoned this afternoon also, it has been very slow to clear, and I have been bottling the top off each time the sediment dropped low enough.
It is gorgeous, made with our own raspberries 2 years ago, dry but the flavour! fantastic :)
All being well we have a good crop this year, unlike last where we had some late gales in the May which ripped all the blossom from the canes.
Lots to do still today, Ham and barley soup for tea, a Beltane evening to organise, and a cheesy horror to watch I think.


  1. I was trying to concentrate but was distracted by the mention of raspberry wine.
    Jane x

  2. The wine, it does sound delicious! Nice to see you over on my patch - thanks for popping by! You're very busy in that greenhouse! I've hardly planted a seed - catching up though......:-)

  3. I make Raspberry Ratafia (raspberries in vodka or white rum) which is divine. IF I have enough raspberries this year, I may try wine too.

  4. It is rather yummy, shame there is only 2 bottles remaining to last till the next lot is made and matured :(

    Bovey Belle - raspberry ratafia sound lovely,another liqueur to ad to the list to make this year i think :)

  5. Nearly all of our raspberries were stolen last year, along with the blackcurrants, pears and apples. A sign of the times I guess but really annoying as it meant I had hardly any jam.



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