Bargains galore

Another fruitful trip to the charity shops this week, it becomes almost like an addiction.

One copper mould for wrought iron owl trivet for 10p....two hankies for 10p each....and a fab pair of nearly new Evans boots for £1, which i was very pleased with as i have big feet and usually have to buy all my shoes from Evans :)
Also a James Herbert book for 40p, a baby blue dish for 10p, three balls of wool for 50p and a copy of the slipper and the rose for 10p. big spender me :)Also I am finally picking some of our rhubarb, it has been very late compared to others up here as I over picked it last year, consequently I am only picking a few stalks here and there this year to give it chance to recover. There is nothing like stewed rhubarb.

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