Isbister loch

It was such a beautiful day yesterday that I had to get out and explore, nevermind that there is a huge amount of garden to dig, this is what we moved to Orkney for.

This is Isbister loch which is about 4 fields away, you cant actually see it from here as there is a slight rise between us, but after a walk up the lane and across the fields this is the view, gorgeous. There are a lot of wetland birds as the area has a lot of wetland, and last time i went down to the loch earlier in the year you couldn't get near it for bog, but i may try again now that the ground has dried out some what.

I noticed up the lane that the "blue" bells are starting to flower, although the ones in the garden are not yet open. Can't wait for ours, there is rather alot, ranging in colour from blue to mauve, but I don't think Orkney has any native blue bells.

kingcups (aka marsh marigolds) out in the dykes around here, a welcome splash of colour. Also loads of primroses growing beside the roads.

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