Captain Beaky and his band

A few months ago back in feb/march, we got four more chooks, two 1year old cuckoo marans, and 2 white hybrid point-of-lays (not as one of john's mates thought, an actual breed called 'pontlays' lol).
A week later one of the hybrids started laying, a week after that the other started crowing ! ooopppss!!
Anyway we have finally gotten round to naming them, they are very flighty and you can not get near them usually, i had to take these pics on zoom.
So introducing......
Captain Beaky:
Loony Luna:

and Calamity Jane & Doris Day:

We called one calamity jane as she has spurs, which is unusual for a female, but we get an egg a day off both of the marans at the moment so I dont mind :)

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