One Lonely Ramson

Whilst wandering round the garden at the weekend, under the trees, eagle eyed John spotted this one lonesome wild garlic aka ramson. We have never seen it in the garden before, although it was hidden under the shrubs and near to the fence, so maybe it has been there all along. Certainly it didn't walk in and I am sure a bird didn't plant a bulb.
I don't think it will seed as there is little chance of it being pollinated out there on its own, but maybe later in the year I will be able to get some bulbs and plant them with it and we will be eating ramson egg salad next summer.

Last night we cracked open our first bottle of Hawthorn berry (haws) wine. Very nice. It was a good year for Hawthorn last year in Derbyshire, so we managed to collect enough for a demijon. But with only another four unopened bottles we will have to save it for special occasions. It has a very delicate almost honey like taste, very drinkable, yum.
Also we have some calves now in the field behind the house, we think it may be used for the calves and mums who had birthing trouble as there is only three sets, where as there are loads of them in the other surrounding fields.

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