Stocked up

Now this may sound odd, but there are few things I find more satisfying (domestically speaking) then a wellstocked fridge or larder, sad but true.
Perhaps it harkens back to primitive times when food was scarse, or of harvest times when all the crops were stored for winter, who knows.
Unfortunately most of my stocks at the moment are not homegrown, although hopefully more of them will be by autumn this year,and more so next.
That is provided I dont make mistakes like last weekend, when I planted out my beetroot and courgette seedling during the lovely weather on sunday,only for it to snow and hail monday and tuesday, killing off all the seedling. I was not a happy bunny.

At the moment I seem to be living off oatcakes and hummus so here was my attempt at making my own with tinned chickpeas. Really pleased with the results and made extra garlicy, yum.

Now these are the first recipe I have tried from my Nigella Lawson - how to be a domestic goddess book, which I bought a few years ago but haven't got round to using yet. I have heard mixed views on this book, with many people saying some of the cake recipes just dont work properly, i will reserve judgement till i have tried them but these 'sweet and salty peanut cookies' worked a treat, very morish and light and crisp like vienese biscuts.

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