100 Happy Days

I came across an excellent idea the other day on Elsie and Emma's blog abeautifulmess called the 100happydays challenge.
The idea is to take a picture to share with the world each day of a happy moment, a way to notice the everyday normal things which perhaps we would ordinarily take for granted, just coasting along.

Today has been spent mostly killing time in kirkwall, I had an appointment I couldn't rearrange today, and due to public transport several hours with very little to do but shop.
BUT one of the perks of a day in the (big??) city is a lazy lunch spent to myself, something I don't need to prepare. So my moment for today was lunch in the garden centre and excellent it was as always :)

On another note I am almost finished creating the pdf file of my first purchase pattern to be uploaded on Ravelry (another happy). Thank you so much for the lovely comments about my plans. Now that things are actually happening I am finding myself really excited about the project, which is giving the enthusiasm to keep going and a boost of energy and inspiration, I feel all fizzy if that makes sense. I'm even getting up just after 6am BY CHOICE, I am not a natural early bird believe me :)

Anyway back to the happy challenge. I doubt I will post my photos one everyday over here on my blog, instead I think I will do a weekly roundup and put them all in one weekly post. But if you would like to see them daily I will be posting them up on my facebook.
Also if you would like to join in with the challenge you can find all the details over at 100happydays.com #100happydays

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