Trying New Things Can Make You Squirmy

Firstly let me introduce you to our feathered friend who followed John home up the drive last night, not sure if this is a male or female Redwing but they do have a pretty night song :)

Ok now I would like to talk about something which makes me feel kinda squirmy and awkward.

As you can see I don't have ads or sponsers on my site,and with good reason. Firstly my laptop is dying and when I load up a blog with adds on it takes fooorreever, so I don't want my own blog taking ages for me to load up to post or edit. Second it makes me uncomfortable having other companies advertised on my blog (even if I did have a big enough readership).

Don't worry I'm not easing in to tell you to expect ads appearing soon, but I am going to occasionally be mentioning products which I own/use that have affiliate links, Such as using an amazon widget.

The reality is that blogs only really show part of a life, a snippit of the best of things, a well angled camera shot, what this blog doesn't really show is just how much work is still to do to finish the cottage on top of the repair works such as the kitchen roof that leaks like a colander.

What I wont be doing.....inundating you with sponsored posts, plastering ads all over the place, and "hard selling" to my readers.

What I will be doing...... well that picture in the left column is an example, and an affiliate link.
That is a course that I have bought (in fact I have been a member of the whole site about 3 years now I think), and recommend and which I am about to work through starting next week.
Whilst working through the course I will blog about my progress, probably once a week, maybe twice if I am excited over something, so no product overload.

I hope I haven't upset or disappointed anyone who follows my blog with this news. Thank you for your continued support, hugs Mel xx

P.S. if you want to know a bit more about what an affiliate link is you can click on the page at the top called disclosure, thank you :)


  1. Looking forward to seeing your progress. Off to have a look at the link :) x

  2. I'm also looking forward to seeing how I do, too many bare walls need filling up :)



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