The Most Unhealthy Lunch I Will Eat All Year

Now lets just pretend that the photo above is a lovely shot of me cooking pancakes by the stove on this shrove tuesday.

Yep its pancake day (don't forget your pancakes on jif lemon day), John isn't keen on crepes (strange man) so this is a seasonal lunch time treat I love to indulge in, but I got half way through lunch before it occurred to me to take a photo. Yes I am a baaad blogger.

Truth be told it's probably a good idea I didn't photo my hob, it needs a damn good scrub, but with a semi-good reason which I will come to in a moment.

It would seem i am coming back to my roots as far as pancake toppings go, I remember having lemon or sugar, usually sugar on them as a child. As I became an adult and could buy what the hell I like to go on them I moved into the sickly sweet indulgences of golden syrup (tin only) or even white chocolate spread.

I went off the chocolate spread idea a couple of years back but still like the odd golden syrup butter fried pancake, but funnily enough I noticed today I preferred the less sweet lemon and sugar. Funny how things turn out.

Anyway I mentioned my toxic dump of a kitchen, well I haven't been too well of late.It turns out I have Trigeminal Neuralgia, yep I hadn't heard of it till a couple of weeks ago either, but believe me I had felt it.
It's awful, or it was till the meds kicked it, so painful I would rather give birth on my own, in a storm, in the wilderness, with nothing but a tarp over me and a penknife; and trust me I have had two troublesome births.

All being well this episode wont last more than a few months, too much to do this year (bloomin body lettin me down grrr).

So back to the original subject, what's your favorite crepe topping?

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