A quilting commitment

I've been thinking lately on starting a new patchwork, what you have to understand is that me and quilts have a bit of an on again off again relationship.

Thing is I want quilts, I like quilts, I love having my own handmade quilts around the house. 
But they just take me soooo long to make.

Take for example the new 'Winter' quilt we have hanging in the living room (pic to follow), it has been hanging up since January (note: after christmas), but it took me 2 YEARS!! to finish, hmmmm.

The two quilts on the photos actually didn't take long at all. They were made using old pillowcase and fabric from my stash for the windows in the bedroom in the summer when it doesn't get dark up here.

(if you look closely, the pale blue fabric with the blue flowers on was used by mum to make her wedding dress when she married my dad).

My aim is to have a quilt to hang up for each of the four seasons and so far I have my autumn quilt which I made a couple of years back, my spring quilt also made a couple of years back, and now the winter one.

I still need to make a summer one and this is the challenge for this year.

I have the fabric for the top (bought over a year ago on ebay), I have a pattern in mind also so I have no excuse. Wish me luck !!


  1. I love the idea of seasonal furnishings in a home, am aiming for that with my new place. Look forward to seeing your quilt progress :)


  2. Thank you Sarah :)
    I used to want to change up loads of bits an bobs around the house seasonally, but its storing everything !! so just going to change a few key bits instead.
    looking forward to seeing how you get on with your relocation :) xx



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