If I Was A REAL Blogger

If I was a real blogger I would have a spectacular blog, with professionally designed layouts, fonts, pictures and 'branding'. 
I would own a snazzy DSLR camera and take arty shots, 100's a day with photos that would make a grown man weep (although I admit the above one impressed me).

But I'm not a real blogger.

I could be a food blogger, I could post daily recipes showing the world my chef like skills with a skillet, serving up amazing meals to my quickly expanding husband, whilst managing to keep my figure svelte like, receiving sponsorship from fab foodie companies that I could never afford to shop from myself.

But I don't have a kitchen.
I could be a homestead blogger, posting weekly the bumper harvests emerging from my plot, how I planted 30 rows of cabbages and still have time for yoga before I munch upon my freshly picked lunch.

But its bloody cold out there, blowing a gale and the ground is sodden from all the rain.

I could be a fashion blogger showing my outfit for the day, pretty dresses and cardigans, handmade accessories made from charity shop thrift, makeup and hair tips for the country girl.

But it's blowy out there so hair is either tied back or windswept, makeup is reserved for trips out, and my outfit for the day is usually leggings and a tunic unless a trip to kirkwall is on the cards or company is coming.

So you see I can't really be a REAL blogger, not really.

I shall just have to be a completely and randomly ME blogger instead.


  1. Love you as you are and how you blog :) Keep on keeping on :)


  2. Real woman is sooo much better than a real blogger! You and your blog are fab and wouldn't have either any other way! :)

  3. That'll do Mel. That'll do... :-)

  4. what she said! ^^^^ :-)

    Leanne x



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